Help Provide Yoga and Meditation to Those in Need

We need your help!

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We need your help!

Provide Trauma-Informed Yoga to someone who suffers from trauma. Sponsor an OG Yoga Program Today!

Our Vision: Yoga for All

OG Yoga is a San Diego nonprofit with a mission "to deliver trauma informed mindfulness based yoga through partnerships with non-profit organizations serving marginalized individuals to support healing, resilience, self-development and positive social change."

Your tax-deductible OG Yoga donation of any amount will help serve those most vulnerable in our community who are living with trauma and the most daunting life challenges including:

  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse
  • Incarceration
  • PTSD
  • Traumatic injury
  • Aging
  • At-risk youth
  • Visually impaired
  • Restricted mobility and other disability
  • And more...

Or help support the startup of our new OG Yoga Studio:

Giving for good.

Every $150 we raise pays for an entire class for a group of people in need. OG Yoga's partnerships include Boys & Girls Clubs, Kitchens For Good, The Braille Institute, Girls Rehabilitation Facility, Alternative Healing Network's Tubman-Chavez Center, Naval Brig and Department of Corrections.

With your help, we can treat the root of many conditions - TRAUMA - that are affecting some of our most marginalized populations.


"I was struggling to find my new identity while dealing with past - mistakes, people I had wronged and trauma. Add to that a healthy dose of PTSD, chronic depression, pain and then a traumatic brain injury. Yoga leveled out the playing field for me to be able to deal with everything… It’s not a one-stop or a cure-all. It complements all the other things." - Read the Veteran's Story

"OG Yoga is something that everyone needs to be exposed to. Incorporating the trauma piece is really important and needs to be spread as far and wide as it can because it can not only help the people who are working in this sphere become calmer, more mindful people, but it can help so many people who are already suffering. I love the idea of yoga as a form of social justice, and that's a huge part of why I wanted to join OG Yoga in the first place. It’s accessible, and it's so scalable to all different abilities." - Read the Dancer's Story.

"My yoga practice gave me tools to come and be with myself. No longer was I meditating to leave my body, I was meditating to get into my body. I was trying to leave my body because I believed it wasn’t safe. But, it was a gift coming back to the body. Yoga really is the only tool to show up and live a human life. " - Read about Nature's Child.

Learn more about OG Yoga in the video below: